Our studio’s initial ideas involved:

  • Having complex scenes that force the player to visually process and understand what is occurring (visual processing)
  • physical traits, such as reflexes
  • Competition based on highscores/leaderboards as incentive to get better at the game.


Our initial ideas were based on the main experiences that we saw in the example shootemups.


Clear image/and or text that describes your studio’s PX goal for mini-game 1


  • Challenges force the player to remember previous fights, and analyse the current situation to predict what to do next
  • Understanding how to use abilities effectively to beat the game will make players feel satisfied/joyful
  • Changing backgrounds and visuals force the player to quickly process and react to what is occurring. (this one is kind of similar to the first, probably needs some work).


The reasoning behind the decision

Putting the player under pressure to react to what is currently occurring, while also having to remember previous experience ensures that the player is constantly involved with the game. Having abilities that are simple but effective when used correctly ensures that the game is still satisfying to  beat, even if it is tough.

A list of the types of PX that we are tapping into:

  • Joy
  • Anticipation
  • Remembering
  • Visual Processing
  • Predicting
  • Analysing
  • Reflexes


These types of PX, focusing mainly on cognitive skills. Provides a strong mental challenge that the player must beat, while also providing some form of satisfaction to keep players hooked.