– Blake Edmunds



Based on the pictures above, our style will be a mixture of Meteor (bottom left) and Bubble tanks 3.  Thought the other games have similar style they are either too had to look at or going into too much detail.

we want the mood of the game to be chill and casual. This goes without saying that the style of the game itself is going to be a simple as I can get, where are breaking it down to the to the form of simple shapes such as triangles, squares, circles. These are the most convenient for us to use as they are the easiest to manipulate and can give the user something super easy to look at.

With user simple shapes we went the player to understand how the game works without them realising. We are going to make it so players can move through the map and “teleport” to the other side if they move along the borders of the map.

With this said the map will be a place of darkness, far from anything, where there is all the space in the universe. Space. This setting will work well with the game we aim to create and will show how simple our designs are.

The game sound board will consist of simple 8bit sounds that would be made by hand. Though in our type of game the sounds aren’t too much of a hassle, some simple and subtle background music and ire and death sounds are all that is really needed.