Key findings:

while play testing i wanted to see what people thought of how the game operated, as simple as the game was it may have been hard to find enjoyable because of how basic it was.  in the testing phase i noticed that the players would mess around with the borders feature which would teleport them to the other side of the map, this seemed to have an overall effect to how people played the game.

although the play-testers got bored of the game rather quickly it was apparent that for the initial experience was exciting.  with more time the game could have had a better ai system, better controls and even a more dynamics leveling system.

All of the play-testers understood the basic mechanics of the game.


i was given a bunch of Recommendations for the games further development, this included the following:

  • Enemy AI variation:
    • More than one enemy would be nice.
    • Give more variety to the game.
    • Have an enemy that could tank damage while smaller weaker enemies could flank.
  • Obstacles
    • Enemy firing back.
    • Other obstacles that would interfere with the player.
    • More variables for the player to think about.
  • Audio
    • Simple background, firing and death sounds
  • Proper movement momentum
    • have it so there is a force when trying to go backwards from a forward motion.