-This table is the interview response that gather from players.


-Key Findings

Goal 1: Is player feel enjoyable when playing this game?

A: In conclusion, this game is not enjoyable enough for most player because of the pattern of this game is too simple so player were easy to get board with that even they felt excited at first. Besides, the game also lacking of various visual processing and audio support which means this game environment is not so attractive.

Goal 2: Is player understand what is happening and how to play this game?

A: Overall, those basic controls of this game is easy for players who have played some similar games before, but can still confused player who don’t play games frequently.

Goal 3: Is the game mechanics allowed players to come up strategies and get involved with this game?

A: Due to those rules of this game are too simple,players do involved with the game but didn’t have some specific strategies.



  • To add a action background to advance the visual processing
  • Apply sound effect for bullet and destroyed (Both player and enemies)
  • Apply a background music to active the whole game scene
  • Design a tutorial before player get into the actual game play
  • Design more kinds of enemies (different enemies with different skills) so player will need to have strategies to get high score
  • Setting some blocks to make the game become more challenging
  • Transfer into a mobile phone game if possible