All of the data collected from my playtesting is in the table below (along with some additional notes from one confidant):Capture2

Lance Pertot – Additional Notes

  • Very, VERY, nice looking game, especially considering the time frame allocated for development
  • At times the gameplay can become fairly stale as all you’re doing is flying around the enemies in circles waiting for a new ability to drop
  • Movement feels a bit off, kind of floaty at times? It does not feel super responsive/snappy, so that was a little irritating
  • Resolution stuffs up if I start the game at anything other than 1920×1080 fullscreen. Fixes once I select a resolution option prompted in game with then number
  • Hitboxes feel a bit smaller than the models. I felt like I was flying through quite a few of the enemies without taking any damage.
  • Game could benefit from some nice arcade style background music.


Key findings:

The main goals for playtesting were to see if people enjoyed the game, whether they understood what was happening, and whether the game mechanics allowed for them to create strategies and get involved with the game.

Overall, it seems that people did enjoy the game for a short time, however the lack of some game mechanics due to the short development time of the game  (obstacles, proper visual cues, enemy ai variation etc.) did lead to the game becoming boring overtime. The lack of proper enemy ai variation also allowed for techniques such as kiting around enemies to break the difficulty of the game. Although some of the playtesters did make their own strategies, these strategies were not intended.

All of the playtesters understood the basic mechanics of the game.



If I was to continue working on this game, I would plan on implementing the following:

  • Enemy ai variation:
    • Certain enemies could prevent kiting by moving unpredictably/flanking
    • Give more variety to the game
    • More variables for the player to take into account when visually analysing the scene, memorising enemy patterns, and creating strategies.


  • Obstacles
    • More variables for the player to think about.
    • More variety


  • Proper visual cues
    • Background slowly changes colour where enemies are spawning, with different colours meaning different enemy squads/obstacles etc. I could not complete this in the prototype of the game.


  • Audio
    • Some simple, calming music, along with more simple sound effects to give more feedback to the player.


  • Proper graphics settings
    • My particle system could be expanded further, and preferably would have quality presets
    • Settings allowing the player to customise post processing (bloom for example)
    • Resolution settings that work as intended.


  • Proper movement momentum
    • In the prototype, the ship quickly accelerates up to speed. If you change direction, the ship instantly stops, and then accelerates up to speed again. This feels unnatural. A proper momentum system that decelerates the ship when stopping/changing direction would feel more natural.
    • This could also be applied to enemies.