-Prototype Submission

The link that provide below contains:

  • A zip folder with executable game
  • A zip folder with Unity’s project file



-Game Play tutorial

  • First step, click “Play” to play the game (Or click  Quit to close the game)
  • WASD for movement
  • SPACE shoot


-Statement of Contribution


  • Those assets of the entrance interface were created by myself
  • Some assets are from project folder that provide by IGB100 practical video
  • Some of those enemies assets  were downloaded through Asset store https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/73167 which is called “Modular Spaceship 1: StarSparrow ”

  • The effect of the bullet was get from tutorial video


  • Those basic coding and script were get from IGB100 practical videos
  • Except from those code tutorial videos, the other codes and scripts were created by myself