Prototype Submission:

Link to folder containing a readme file explaining how to play the prototype, a zip folder with the executable and data folder for the prototype, aswell as a zip folder containing the project file for unity:

Statement of Contribution:

All of the assets in the game were made by me, however some assets from the four tutorial videos are still in the project folder (for example, the original player ship used in the tutorial is contained in the project folder, however it is not used in the actual scene).

The projectile uses a sprite called ‘FireballB’ which was provided with the tutorial scene.

All of the scripts/code was created by me, except for some code from the tutorial videos, which was used and/or modified. Some research was done through forums/unity documentation ( to gain a basic understanding of how to use some of the more complex classes/functions etc.

An effects package was imported through unity (assets > import package > effects) and the ‘bloom optimised (script)’ was used in my prototype.