1. Professional Development and Practice
  • How well your skills matched the tasks required

At the beginning of this Game 1: Shoot’em up game designing period, what I worried about the most was that I don’t have enough skills for that since I never use Unity before. But after I went through those guidance video, I felt comfortable about Unity and noticed that C#, the language which I had already done some practice in the “ITD121-Programming Principles” unit is required for this activity. Although I not very good at programming through C#, but this makes me feel more confidence but less confused since I know how to get start with the project.


  • How this activity affirms / changes what you think about a career in game development.

In this activity, I need to face some challenge from using some software that I never use before like Unity, and most time I need to discover new features by doing research online. Besides, me and my team members have experienced the building up of a studio, to discuss and come up ideas about what game do we want to make, and we also need to keep up the progress that were arrange like defining PX goals, game rules, in each week. Both idea affirms my think about the career in game development will never going to be easy because keep developing new skills and knowledge are necessary for game developers. Also, working in a team is the most effective way to designing and build up a good game since developers can brainstorming, provide help and find out mistakes for each other.


  1. Working in a team
  • How you responded to feedback from your team

Over the past four weeks, our team have done many brainstorming and communicating.

When I get feedback from others when I finish sharing my ideas, I usually reconsider if those feedback are practical, if it is, I would make some change immediately to my initially, if it is not, I would go back to the team and make a discussion see if we can get a better idea. The period helps me to point out what is my shortcoming so I can improve myself. This reminds me I was once doing an assignment in unit called “Designing for IT”, in that experience I was just following team leader’s ideas whether the ideas are reasonable or not, which is not good for a team environment. So, in is activity, I had some improvement to myself that I start to not only accepting others’ ideas blindly but also do analyzing and combine my own ideas.


  1. Working independently
  • How you responded when facing challenges

In the period of developing mini-game 1, I did get some challenges from explore Unity, stuck in some code and bugs and couldn’t work them out. This experience reminds me that I still don’t have enough skills and knowledge in game development and it is necessary for me to do more practicing and learning. In the past four week, I tried to solve those challenges by first following workshops’ video, and for those bugs, I not only search in internet by also ask tutor and teammates for helps. But I always keep up an attitude that I cannot just rely on others’ help, I still need to learn why this solution work this way.


  1. Ethical considerations
  • How the product you’ve created might enhance quality of life

There is no doubt that the game I’ve created for the last few weeks is a Shoot’em up game, the game play of this game is just like avoiding and destroy those enemies and get score as much as you can. What I would do is to classify this game as a leisure type of game, because when I ask someone to do play test, a player thinks it could be better if it can play on her mobile phone, so mu assumption is that this game might be able to help players to kill their boring time and make them feel more happier by playing it.