Professional Development and Practice:

This minigame is the first game I have ever created within Unity, with my only prior experience in making games being in programs more suited to making 2d games. This is also the shortest time period I have ever made a game in, however my previous skills with programming, and managing the relationships between code and game objects (mainly from gamemaker studio) helped me create the prototype quickly and fairly easily. After quickly skimming through the tutorial videos provided, I was able to easily understand and start altering the game to my needs. My previous experience in autodesk inventor and blender allowed me to easily create my own basic assets quickly, which helped kickstart the process of making the game fit the aesthetic our studio chose.

Although I did have simple skills with modelling, being able to animate, and produce higher quality assets (including audio) for my own game would help a lot when it comes to the presentation of the game. I would also love to be able to experiment with more complex inputs, such as gamepads, rebindable controls, and mouse inputs, which would allow for more variety in the types of games I can make.



Working independently: 

Being able to put together a game, and see the results instantly was incredibly rewarding when creating my prototype for this first minigame, and I could easily spend hours learning about the nuances of unity, and learning how to complete more difficult tasks (such as being able to change the colour of specific materials during runtime, or creating my own dynamic particle system). However, I frequently got too caught up in trying to micro manage every party of my game, and make it perfect, which sadly led to some large parts of the planned game not being able to be implemented in the prototype. Although I feel like I made some parts of the prototype to a really high standard, the missing parts made the experience of playing the game somewhat dull.

When creating the next game, I’m hoping that I can focus on the game mechanics that we planned to implement first, before letting myself work on the parts that I’m more passionate about.


Working in a team:

Overall, I found working as a team to plan the game fairly hassle free and easy. Everyone in the group was open to suggestions, and contributed meaningfully to discussions, allowing us to refine exactly what type of game we wanted, without restricting what each person wanted to do. However, we should have produced more notes, and written out more of our plans to post them as studio work, allowing us to more easily work on blog posts, and our own game alone. The first week was somewhat difficult as there wasn’t too much communication, however we were able to quickly get up to speed.

The structure of this unit, although a bit strange, allows for easy group work, as a large portion of the assignment is separate, however we can still help each other to create our prototypes, and design the game.


Ethical consideration:

I don’t think my game, even when completed would make much of an impact on the quality of someone’s life. It definitely doesn’t have any deep meaning, or have a message that I want to spread. However, it could possibly  make people more interested in more minimalist/retro style games and music (which I would plan to have in the full game).