Mood Board:

mood boardcavecolor paletteDiros-Cave-Mani-Peninsula-Greece-gates-of-hellcave2



The game will use a dull, dark and gloomy tone, utilising earthy colours. This colour palette, along with other effects, such as upscaling the game from a lower resolution (to create a pixelated effect) will provide a gritty, raw feel to the game.


The aesthetics of this game (visuals/audio), combined with the design of the world will create a sense of loneliness, dread, and fear. The confusing/unnatural landscape, created with pixelated scenery will throw the player into a foreign scenario with no help other than a single instruction: “survive 82 seconds of hell”. The player is simply left to survive and explore the area alone. The scoring system and the fear of death will put constant pressure on players.

Spatial dimensions/size/boundaries:

The outer boundaries of the area where the player can explore is bound by a large cave, however within the cave are structures which limit how the player moves around within the cave.


This game is not set in any specific time period, it is only set in a timeless cave within hell, blending modern and old scenery together, preventing the player from possibly understanding where and when they could be.

Representation of People/Objects:

The only ‘people’ within this game are the enemies, which are represented by simple, inhuman models.