Survive for 82 seconds

  • explore to unlock more areas/find ammo
  • When the game is started, the phrase “Survive for 82 seconds” appears on the screen. The first area contains a switch, and ammo drop in plain view, allowing the player to easily grasp what these objects do.
  • Players can choose where to move in the environment, and whether it is safe to approach a switch/ammo drop. Players can also choose what switches they want to activate.
  • If the player moves onto an ammo drop, their ammo count is increased. If the player activates a switch, it will open/close any door it is connected to. The switch can be connected to multiple doors.
  • Ammo is displayed to the user through a user interface. Activating a switch will turn a light on/off, indicating its state.

Fight/avoid enemies

  • Player can avoid enemies, or fight them.
  • On the start/pause menu, controls are displayed which explain how to attack. The design of the enemies will convey to the players that if the enemy touches them they will be hurt, and the player should naturally understand that avoiding enemies is an option.
  • The player can shoot at enemies, damaging them. The player can also aim for the critical area of an enemy to kill them faster.
  • When an enemy is shot, they take damage. If they get shot in their critical area, they take extra damage. When they take enough damage, they will die.
  • When an enemy is shot, a visual cue appears, and an alternate cue appears if they are shot in their critical area. When an enemy dies they fade away.