Professional Development and Practice:

As now a second time user of the Unity platform i can now say that i have become somewhat more efficient with my works, it became clear that i could follow along with tutorials more effectively knowing what some of the functions did. though it many not look it, i did have to concentrate on some stages of development, with unclear parts of the process i began to look more into the what certain things did, this lead me to greater understand the functions i was using.

As this time around it is a 3D game i was bedazzled with how i went with the game, part of me was thinking that the 3D environment was going to be 100x harder to accomplish. in the end i was able to quickly overcome this and make a game that not only worked but i had some fun making. with some of my game assets in the start of development being for my enjoyment i had to otherwise remove some rather silly parts, for example instead of my gun firing with a loud machine gun sound i recorded myself saying “pew” which was complete satire.

with more time that i maybe could have put into the project i would have had a better arena, gun assets and a better overall game plan.

Working independently: 

through out the game development i didn’t realize i had changed a setting that quite literally changed some of the features that i could have accessed, i enabled the debug feature the inspector and without realizing i didn’t turn it off, this brings the effect of losing  the options to edit the box colliders and arrangement of the text, this meant it took me longer figure out how i could move things without following what the tutorial was showing up. i did how ever find the cause to all this towards the end of my journal – thank god.

The only regret i have is that i set aside my game development in favor for the completion of other assignments that were due in quick succession. with only about a maximum of 24 in total hours worked on the game i wish i had more time to fix some of the things before handing in.

As a self reminder i hope that i can mange my time with other projects better so that i can work on them on a schedule.

Working in a team:

Again working with my team was a delight, we all helped each other with knowledge of the games and how we wanted them to turn out, even if there wasn’t enough time for some of us to implement what we original thought i would say i very well done job by my team.  although coming with the games core idea was a little more difficult we still managed to create something that fits the thyme of kill to survive.


Ethical consideration:

I don’t think my game had any real impact on someones life. It certainly doesn’t have any profound significance, or have a message that I need to spread. Nonetheless, it could make individuals more keen on playing more retro 8bit styled games.