Key findings:

Play testing of this game was a lot more fluent then the precious, i was more inclined to see what people really wanted in the game, for example they wanted to enter the building as a cover or obstacle for the bots. after some time the player got bored and were unsure what what to do next, although they may have struggled during the last moments of the game they still found the need for more features to spice things up.  people rather like my satire with the gun sounds so i may just leave it in.

All of the play-testers understood the basic mechanics of the game after asking if they didn’t already know.


i was given a bunch of Recommendations for the games further development, this included the following:

  • Enemy AI variation:
    • Give more variety to the game ex. objectives
    • Have an enemy that could tank damage to make it a bit hard for the player to kill them fast
  • Obstacles
    • Enemy firing back.
    • Other obstacles that would interfere with the player.
    • have the map more set something that better fit the thyme of the game
  • Audio
    • Simple background music for effect
  • Proper movement momentum
    • have a more realistic jump and sprint.