-This table is the interview response that gather from players.


-Key Findings

Goal 1: Is the game fun/exciting?

Overall, all players consider that this game is exciting and they were attracted by the game mode. But after player for few rounds, some player start to get bored of the mode and think that this game is to easy for them, what they want is a higher level with more challenge.

Goal 2: Does the game-play incentivise exploration or do player come up with strategies for the game?

Due to the design background of this game is too simple, most player think this game don’t have enough elements that worth to explore, they respond that they don’t even need a minute to explore the whole game map. So players focus more on combat but not exploring, some strategies like just kill all enemies to survive or escape until the time is up so they can win do came up.

Goal 3: Are the game mechanics consistent, and did the players understand them?

Most players thinks those mechanics are good and they feel comfortable for them to deal with, but for player who normally don’t play much game, this game can is confusing since it don’t provide tutorial for players. Some advice and feedback are also be gather, like this game could add a background music so players can be more involved with the game. Bugs like enemies can’t be killed is also respond by player.



  • The improvement of Enemy’s AI

1. To design more kind of enemies, different enemies could have different attract mode.

2. Enemies can take more damage which player need to pay more attention to destroy them.

  • Obstacles

1. Set some blocks in the map that can stop players to pass the road.

2. Make the light of the game to become more darker so players would need to pay more focus on the map or enemies.

  • Game environment

1. To set up more buildings that can for players to stay / allow players to come up more strategies.

2. Design and apply more decorations which fits the theme of the background story.

3. Develop a bigger map for players to explore.

  • Audio

1. Apple a music that is horrible style in order to fit the game’s background and support players to involved in the game environment.

2. Add a sound effect when enemies were destroyed.

  • Others

1. A tutorial need to be present to players before they get into the actual game.

2. Try to fix the bug that players fall off the game area when walk out the barrier of the scene.

3. Adjust the accuracy of the gun’s aiming.

4. Ammo drop system could be add.