All of the collected data from playtests is displayed in the table below:


Key findings:

The key goals during playtesting were to determine if the playtesters enjoyed the game, whether the gameplay allowed them to explore/strategise, and whether there were any bugs/problems that impacted their experience.

Overall, it seems that my gameplay prototype was interesting for at least a short time. All of the playtesters also mentioned that they would play it more, especially if the game was refined/extended. During the playtest, players felt excitement, fear, and tension, which were the emotions I was hoping to create with the aesthetic of the game.

Each playtester came up with different strategies to complete the game, however some of these strategies were not intended, mainly due to bad balancing. These unintended game mechanics involved exploiting the sprinting speed (which is fast enough to be able to easily outrun enemies), and camping.

Some of the game mechanics were not clear, a major issue being the representation of enemies, which appears to have confused some of the playtesters for a short time, however they were able to understand enough of the game to continue playing.


If I was to continue working on this game, I would plan on implementing the following:

  • Larger map
    • The current map is very constrictive, and doesn’t give the player much freedom in strategies.
    • A larger map would allow for more sparse ammunition, placed further away from each other, incentivising exploration more, while punishing camping.
    • A larger map would also provide more replayability, as there are more areas for the player to explore, and these areas could allow them to survive easier/get more kills.
  • More weapons
    • Currently, the gunplay does not fit with the game very well graphically and mechanically.
    • If I was to continue developing this game, I would add multiple weapons, splitting the ammo into different types, making ammo management more complex.
  • 3d Audio cues for enemies
    • Currently, the enemies are too difficult to notice, blending in too well with the surroundings.
    • If the enemies emitted noise, it would be easier to determine where, and how close enemies are, without limiting the aesthetic of the game.
  • Refined graphics/assets
    • Currently, the only original assets designed solely for this game are the enemy sprites, switch sprites, and ammo boxes. These could be refined to properly match the aesthetic, and make the game more professional and immersive.
  • Bug fixes
    • Bugs such as the mouse appearing on the screen need to be fixed, as this breaks immersion, and can cause other problems (have to click on the game to get rid of it, firing your weapon, multiple monitors users might accidentally click on a window on the other monitor accidentally etc.).