Based on the target audience and reviewing those side scrolling game examples, our studio’s initial PX goals are:

  • Fear / sadness
  • Exploration / experimentally to complete simple puzzles
  • Analysing and predicting the environment

Two favorite game ideas:

  • Simple time-based puzzle plat former, where the player has to navigate all levels and reach the end point as fast as possible to get a higher score.

Underlying big ideas – Those big ideas that underlying in this favourite game idea are “fast-pace”, and “Competitive” since this ideas is about to get to the end point as fast as player can and players can do competition by keep reaching the highest score. The idea also based on the consideration of our Target audience, BOB, who have limited time but still enjoy the exciting of compete, so we think the game should be short-period but still not lack of goal that can catch players’ interest.

  • A side-scrolling action game where the player has to explore the environment to find supplies while fighting against enemies.

Underlying big ideas – About this second favourite game idea, this idea can encapsulate big ideas about “explore”, “Unknown” and “Combat” without doubt because the game play we define is to let player explore unknown elements of the game environment and destroy those enemies. This time we considerate about some game that BOB loved before that were Warcraft and StarCraft, it is obvious that those two game need player to first exploring shade unknown then face enemies in unexpected situation, so we think this game idea can remind BOB the about his past memories and the fun he experienced before.

Final PX goal for mini-game 3:

  • Using speed and reflexes to complete simple puzzles
  • Analysing and remembering the game environment
  • Competition against player themselves and other players for the highest score.

Reasoning behind the decision:

The reason why our studio listed these goals as the finally decision is because those big ideas that we pay more attention to are mainly about speed and competition. Fist of all, “fast pace(speed)” is really fit in BOB because he got a thought play many different kinds of games in limited time by using iPad, which inspired us the game period should be quick since most player play game in iPad just for a relax at their break time and battery capacity of iPad usually not support a long-term playing experience so the speed of the game need to be the priority.  However, a game will be meaningless if it can’t make player feels enjoyable so we also consider about elements about competition. By reviewing more about BOB, he place FIFA 16 as his current favourite game, and it is obvious that the fun of FIFA is about a compete with other players and the passion of chasing in the soccer ground and shoot the ball to get score as much as they can,  so we think of another feature of the game that player can do analysing the best way to get the highest score (which is at the shortest time) would make BOB feel competitive since others players may refresh his record at any-time.

Types of PX our studio tapping into:

  • competition (Social)
  • Anticipation (Emotional)
  • Remembering (Cognitive)
  • Analysing (Cognitive)
  • Speed (Physical)
  • Accuracy (Physical)
  • Predicting (Cognitive)

Why PX of this nature important? :

Those PXs of this nature could be important for both two favourite game idea, like with out one of those social attributes which is competition, there will be no fun element that can be implement into those two game since player like BOB would feel aim less if he can’t find someone else to compete with him of the highest score or combating. The first idea require player to looking for the fastest way to finish the game and the second idea require strategies,  so PXs from cognitive area that are remembering, analysing and predicting are necessary for the set up of game rules. The other reason why PXs from cognitive take over a large part of the list is because games like Warcraft and StarCraft that were loved by our target audio who is BOB were actually based on these game elements. Other PXs like physical attributes that are speed , accuracy and anticipation also play a important role of the process that our studio think of the game period and how to get players interest.