Mood board that describe the style of the game:

  • Style and mood:

Mood: Cool, Mystic, Intense

We choose cool/clean as the first game mood is because this mini scroller is designed for BOB to play on iPad so a simple or cool visual looking would better to work on that platform and don’t lead the confusion for player. Then, mystic an intense are based on the inspiration that we got from Warcraft and StarCraft, we want player to feel tension when they were working on getting a new record so we think these moods can assist that to happen.

Style: Simple, Clean, 2D(2.5D)-Scroller , Grey for the main colour

The game environment of this game background would be simple and clean which don’t have too much fancy decorations in this game. This can be link to our goal of mood which is the cool one , and  benefits of this style can make the environment to become balance so player would be too easy to get tired of their eyes and dizzy when playing a short-term(fast) game so they could keep play more turns in a limited time, especially for player like our target audience BOB who actually don’t have plenty of time for playing games. Grey was chosen as a the theme colour since those games moods like mystic and intense it can be reflex or even enlarge through this colour.



  • Shape structures:

Simply the fundamental shape structure that will set up in the game would be basic squares. According to Sclarski(n.d.), a kind shape which is the square stand for aesthetic concepts like maturity, stability, balance and stubbornness. This could underpin our game to have a simple but stable look, it will be similar to what 8-bit game have achieved that gave a sense of harmony and comfort feelings to players.

grey squares


  • Spatial dimensions, size and boundary:

Spatial dimension of this game will be simple 2D or 2.5D map that based on a grey background environment, size of the map depend on actual level of the game which is hard to explain. Boundaries will be set for the map of two side, so player may bot be able to jump out the game map that without the size.

  • Setting for the game:

A Time count will be set for the game play to count how many time that players had use for the level. McGonial(2012), states that game which  contains rich and arious functions is not the only kind of game that can be talk about aesthetics, to become a good game, this reminds us to do something different which is to design game that are no actual cultural setting for this game since the game will be just based on 2D or 2.5D abstract world. Fancy content maybe not shown in this game but playable element will still be included.

  • Representation of people and objects:

Two set of representation were imagined by our team:

  1. Both players’ character and enemies are represent by squares
  2. Players and enemies would got various of images
  • Analysis
  1. Clean, simple look ensures that the game is simple easy for player like Bob to understand.
  2. Ensures that game is predictable and reliable for memorising paths/techniques for high scores
  3. Bob plays games for the competition and challenge, not for the aesthetics, make the game to look complex only makes the game play messier/harder to understand.