Game Concept Statement:

In this game, the player controls a cube, and must guide it to the end of a level as fast as possible. There are multiple levels, each increasing in complexity. The player can replay each level, and attempt to beat their previous fastest time.

Player Stories:

  1. As the player, I will analyse the environment and determine the fastest path.
  2. As the player, I will practice and naturally learn how to move efficiently and quickly.
  3. As the player, I will learn and memorise the limits of the player character’s movement.
  4. As the player, I will compete against myself and other players for highscores.
  5. As the player, I will interpret and learn how new obstacles affect the player character’s movement.
  6. As the player, I will question with my old strategies and experiment to get faster times.
  7. As the player, I will quickly be able to predict and comprehend the how to play the game.


Player stories 4, 7, and provide an experienced tailored to the target audience of Bob, as it provides an easy to pick up and play, competitive, and fast paced gaming experience, that is also simple enough to play on a device such as an iPad.