All of the collected data from play tests is displayed in the table below:


Key findings:

During the playtest of the game we planned to get information about how to improve the players experience, this included whether or not they found bugs and other things that had the game either not fun or unplayable.

Overall the game played well and the prototype that was up for review had some but not a lot of bugs, Playtester admitted that if they had the spare time and or was waiting for something they would play it during this time period.  During the playtest, players felt excited, challenged and at times frustrated. Though emotions of frustration were not intended, however it is a time-based game

Each of the player testers had a different way of playing and finding a way to finish the level. Some noted that the movement didn’t feel right and that the jumping was different to other games.

Playtesters jumped straight into the game only knowing that it was a sidescroller, no other information was given, it was up to them to figure out how the game played and what the objective was. A major issue with this is that they ran out of time multiple times before realizing what the game’s objective was, which appeared to have confused some of the playtesters for a short time, however they were able to understand enough of the game to continue playing.


If I was to continue working on this game, I would plan on implementing the following:

  • More levels
    • The current levels are only small and can be finished quite easily.
    • Larger levels with smaller timers for their completion for the players than that more advanced in the game.
    • A larger map would also provide more replay-ability and competition between player with better times and leader board position.
  • abilities
    • Currently, the game does not have any but maybe in the future have certain abilities that can be used to aid the player.
  • Audio cues for sections or levels
    • Currently, the game does not have audio at all and the fact that there could be implemented background themed audio for the areas would show that player has advanced.
    • Sounds for abilities.
    • Sounds for faster movement.
    • Sounds for jumping/ crashing.
    • Sounds for moving.
  • Refined graphics/assets
    • Have better illustrated assets, currently the drawings were done in Photoshop but with the chance I would change them to vectors using adobe illustrator. For the clear image quality
  • Bug fixes
    • Bugs where the player would go slightly through the blocks and platforms would be looked into for a better experience.