1. How you have approached learning new things and/or finding new information during the semester.

Within the development process of all mini-game 1,2 and 3, the first way that I approached to learning new things is to follow those tutorial videos that provide many useful instruction and tips about those basic use and some advance method about using Unity to work with C sharp. The other way that I did for finding new information is to ask and do discussion around those members in the same studio or table since members were basically from other major so I did got help from them about coding, modelling and idea generating.

  1. What additional, non-technical skills you’ve developed during the semester

Through those workshop activities and those post that I have done before, I have learned many new concepts in the processing of designing a game idea like PX goals that based on target audience, the aesthetics that mean for a game. I also learned some methods, for example, like define those interactivity and choices that can be set to a game play by producing mood boards, building up play test plan for the game prototype, these concepts and practical ideas can really support me for my future study in the game designing field.

  1. The most effective strategies you used for managing individual and team activities

For the last three game designing and developing process, my first strategy for keeping up those activities were to first do discussion of each workshop, to first make sure who is going to take charger which part of each cycle. Our team also do lots of communicating online to for each member to know what is going on and what should be done for each week. We also produce writing and post in order to enlarge our mind of sharing ideas for activities.

  1. The ethical responsibilities associated with working in a team-based environment.

I think our team really working well in a team-based environment. First of all, there are no unfair work that happened in our team, each members of our studio know clear about what activities that we exactly need to do. But I should mention a shortcoming of myself which is when our team is enjoying sharing ideas in team meeting, I usually choose to do more listening but not talk out my idea when doing activity like defining PX goals and I think I should change my attitude in the future. At the beginning of each cycle, we usually assign those activities posts to each member so each of us know our own responsibility. Delay of miss post were never happen before of our development of game 1 and game 2, that why our work on studio can be so smooth because each posts were finished on time for others to keep on doing the next. To be honest, honesty always show up in our team environment, if someone can’t make it to the meeting he would let others to know the reason, and work still post on time so there were never happen problem that cause by dishonesty. After all, our studio got a good atmosphere of game design developing which I should keep up this mode for my future teamwork.