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key findings:

  • It can be easy to tell that players who have playing games (not only side scrolling) or willing to play games in their break time would think this game is interesting and enjoyable, and they also be willing to play this game once a again. But this game is less attraction for those normally don’t play game too much.
  • Tension and exciting feeling provided successfully to player, but feeling like it is hard and confusing also come up when player is playing the game.
  • Game mechanics of this game are acceptable for most players.
  • Some players do think this game requires for strategies and some practical ideas about strategies like choosing the right way is told by player.
  • Bugs happen in this game.
  • The levels of this game is too simple (since there are only one map), no background music make this game feel less enjoyment.


  • The improvement of AI (Both enemies and NPC)
    • Adding some NPC that player can communicate with
    • Adding enemies that can move around to stop players to go through
  • Obstacles
    • Add extra levels of the game that contains more challenge through
    • Apply more hiding block to increase the level of challenge
  • Game environment
    • Design and apply more decorations for the game environment
    • Some items can be set for players to grab
    • The game map could be enlarge for players to run more
  • Audio
    • Adding more sound effects
    • Apple a background music
  • Others
    • Setting some tips to guide new players
    • Tutorial level could be apply
    • Fix bugs like jumping out of the boarder