Professional Development and Practice:

Now that I’ve gone through 3 different types of games with this class I can say that I know more than I could have ever thought of before entering this class, sure there are still somethings that I still unsure about but with a little be dedication and a lot of google searches and professional help I could in.

though it may not look it, i didn’t have to concentrate on the design aspect of the game. The level was easy to create as they were all the same block or type of block that would make up the assets that I used.  As this time, around it is a side scroller I was a little confused as to how I would make it work, did I want to have the player move around, did I want to have the level move around, or did I want a combination of both. In the end, I went with have the player move around with the camera following, this seemed to be the best way to do it and the probably the more less stressful way.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to make sounds for this game, but given the chance I would have made a calm and relaxing background soundtrack that incorporating where in the level you were. This would have given the feel of a game that isn’t tense and not too difficult to finish

Working independently: 

throughout the game development i didn’t realize i had changed a setting that quite literally changed some of the features that i could have accessed, my controller for the player movement were all out of whack, it took me some time to realise this and before I got the chance to fix it I had already done most the playtesting and the prototype reviews, though it didn’t really change the outcome of the game y much it still would have been better to have this more refined demo up for play instead.

The only regret that I have is that through the progression of these games in that I was working more on other assignments when I knew the deadline for this game was coming, I would favour the other more. This is seen in game 1, it’s a more refined gaming experience as I put a lot more time into the learning curve and the overall feel of the game.

As a self-reminder i hope that in the future I don’t have a meltdown and that I can manage my time a lot better and be more productive with how I use it. Given the chance I should habe made a timetable for my personal life that indicated what things I should have been doing durin the 2 weeks before something like this game was due.  This would have given me the kick that I really needed in the progression of making the game, this always would have allowed me to fix some of the game mechanics.

Working in a team:

As always working with my team was as good as it possibly been, they helped when I needed it and I helped them too, we each respected each other’s understanding and vision of the game we were set out to make and in the end, it all came to something that we agreed on.

Ethical consideration:

The only thing that I could think about is whether or not my game impacted anything, it is a really simple game that doesn’t really trigger anything in anyone. There is the fact that is slightly competitive but that doesn’t mean that someone is going to care that the players character was not completed the task or has died. Nonetheless, it could make individuals more keen on player better more refined side scrollers