Throughout the igb100 unit during this semester, I have managed to learn a number of important steps to take when creating a game (or any interactive media), especially when working as a group with a diverse skillset. Learning how to create our ideas and form them into a game within Unity is only useful if creating more games with Unity, however the mindset when developing the idea of the game is more important.

Previous experiences in school and university allows me to quickly create ideas that I am passionate about in Unity, however I have never previously put effort into planning the game beforehand. Being forced to work with a team, especially when designing parts of the game that are out of my comfort zone has allowed me to understand how to plan and design the aspects of a game based on a specific (or not specific) audience, and this skill will be incredibly important when creating games or other interactive media in the future. This is especially true when completing tasks such as identifying the game look and feel, and creating a playtesting plan, which I’ve previously (before this unit) ignored, or relied on other group members to complete, never gaining any experience in those fields, until now.

Another aspect that has been incredibly important during this unit is communication within the group. Knowing each studio member’s strengths and weaknesses, and ensuring that we share our information and knowledge strategically allows us to quickly and effectively decide on certain aspects of the game, and divide work evenly. The most effective strategy to quickly develop our games were to quickly identify key parts of our game as a group, then separately complete assigned tasks. When one task is completed, we then regroup and check the completed work, before continuing any work that depends on that task, ensuring that the finished product stays true to the original design, and doesn’t drift off course, while ensuring that it also isn’t limited by previous decisions. This strategy also ensures that each group member contributes a fair amount of work to the project, and any dishonest behaviour cannot be hidden.