Professional Development and Practice:

As this is the first time i have ever used Unity, it came as no surprise that i had to do quiet a lot of testing before i got anything reasonable to play.  However this may have the been the most effort i put put into a game for it to turn out the way it has.  With some background knowledge of how simple tasks work in the development stage i was able to be mostly out of errors. As my game is more of a 2D game i was able to quickly manipulate my sprites with my knowledge of Photoshop.  with more time i may have been able to refine the designs to me more crisper image which would have been more appealing to the eye.

in the time that i had i managed to weld the code of using keyboard and game-pad (Xbox controller) to command my games player however i did not have time to implement controls for the mobile platform which is what i would have loved to do also. this would have allowed me to be able to possibly publish my game to the app and play stores for both android and IOS.

Working independently: 

when in the zone i would easier be able to sit down and test and change anything that needed fixing, it was a good feeling knowing that simple mistakes could be solved by working out what the code actually did.  The only regret i had was that during the play-testing i had my game that wasn’t up to par with what i would have liked the to test, after this time i had some improvements which would have been better for review.

As a self reminder and goal i hope that for the games game i concentrate on getting a fundamentals of the game and working on it sooner so that i can get something out there for testers to play that isn’t just the very core of the game.

Working in a team:

Working the good was pretty chill, my group members were very informed and were super helpful throughout the production. our discussions were always on topic and we would frequently help each other out if we knew the answer. From the start we all had roughly the same game plan with this piece. As it turned out we were all looking to create something that was what we all wanted allowing us to refine the games feel and play.the only downfall with meeting new groups and this was no exception was that we didn’t know each other and the first day was us kind of awkwardly trying to me independent however we soon engaged with each other and things went smoothly from there.

Ethical consideration:

I don’t think my game had any real impact on someones life. It certainly doesn’t have any profound significance, or have a message that I need to spread. Nonetheless, it could make individuals more keen on playing more retro 8bit styled games.